Welcome to Property Consulting Spain!

Our goal is to provide our customers with an open, transparent and safe way to purchase their property in Spain. The main goal is to find you exactly the property you are looking for. Whether it is an existing house or a newly built villa, which suits all your needs and wishes.

We will find the suitable property of your wishes or your new, totally customized project to build. Independent whether it is in our database or for sale at another company.

We will advise you to the best of our knowledge and guide you through the purchasing process every step of the way until finalized.

We work with the best, independent lawyers and notaries in the region to make sure your purchase has gone through all the necessary steps to ensure you feel comfortable and your purchase is secure.

Our architects and builders are reliable, creative and capable to translate your wishes in concrete plans.

Property Consulting Spain is the sales department of Quality Rent a Villa in Denia, combining sales force, market knowledge and rental possibilities. Since our company is also in the rental business and maintenance, a long term relationship makes business sense and ensures our customers of our long term commitment.

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